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This is “somewhat” traditional Mole. I say “somewhat” because even though it is made using a Mexican product, the real deal is done much differently (dry the chiles, ground them with other spices and chocolate, etc). But it is safe to say that growing up in a very Mexican household my mom only used “mole Doña Maria” when making mole, so it is traditional (at least to me!). Now, the flavor is NOT spicy at all (some moles are). This is sweet and yummy. You can serve it with rice (red) or make it into burritos. I am sharing my mom’s secret ingredient: peanut butter!

You can find mole in the Mexican/ethnic/international aisle in most grocery stores.

1 small jar of “mole Doña Maria” (the red kind, sarves 4)
1 whole chicken, cooked, shredded. Strain and reserve the stock.
Peanut butter (creamy, not crunchy)
Flour tortillas (see my recipe below), or red rice as a side.

-Mix the contents of the jar of mole with twice as much peanut butter (I usually just eyeball it) and 4 times as much chicken stock (mixing is much easier if the stock is still warm)
-Combine to make asauce, making sure all the mole is very well dissolved.
-In a pan combine the mole/PB sauce with the shredded chicken and bring sauce to a boil.
-Add more stock if necessary (you want it to be “saucy”)
-Taste and add more PB if needed. It should not taste bitter.

(sorry the amounts are so vague, I usually just eyeball it, but it is very easy to make and very hard to mess it up)
(also, give it a try! dont discard it just because you think chicken and PB dont go together... they DO! in MOLE)


Abril said...

Mmm...mole! You forgot to say that you can also use mole sauce like enchilada sauce and make enmoladas!

Give Peas A Chance said...

nom nom... and pb and chicken go together in Thai satay too mmmmm

Flora said...

HA!! I thought that using peanut butter was MY mom's secret ingredient!
I've never tried to use that instant mix, mostly because I don't like the chocolate in my mole ,but I'm willing to try...TFS!!!

LoLy said...

Amazing, Thank you for sharing :)

O'haras said...

Wonderful blog! My Nana used to make gallons at her 'fonda' when I was a kid, her recipe is similar, a tad more complicated and sooooo yummy:
In a small skillet, heat 2 Tb of oil, brown 1 birote [telera] or any mexican bread sliced in half; transfer to a shallow dish and pour evaporated milk [or any milk] to moistened it. Set aside.
In the same skillet, brown a small sliced MACHO banana, transfer to a blender or a food processor; add Dona Maria mole, 3 C warm chicken stock, 1" cinnamon bark, 4 Tb sesame seeds and 2 Tb of peanut butter. Process to a smooth sauce, transfer to a sauce pan and bring to a boil over medium heat. Add 1/2-1 tablet 'Abuelita' of any Mexican chocolate. Stir to combine; while chocolate is melting, squeeze out most of the milk in the bread and place in the blender, add 1/2 C stock and process, pour into the mole and stir until it has thickened.

Tarrah said...


bella celestial said...

I found you on pinterest through your tortillas de harina recipe. They sure look delicious. I perused through your blogs. Me facinan. Que Bonita's fotos de su boda. Felicidades en todas tus recetas se ven muy deliciosas. Gracias por tu tempo y dedicasion. Sinceramente Dora.

Ellie B said...

That is exactly how I make my mole. Peanut butter gives it such a rich flavor. Thanks for sharing.

Patricia Cruz said...

We love mole in our household.
I only use Rogelio Bueno. It is sold in hot or mild. I use two jars to one whole chicken. We love to serve the sauce over the rice. The shredded chicken is merely along for the ride. ;)
I buy the whole corn tostadas n serve with dinner.
The corn tostadas make the chicken flavor "pop".
I use both Mexican chocolate & smooth peanut butter in the sauce. I also use an emulsion blender if there are lumps. The sauce turns out so beautiful n smooth. It makes my heart sing! :)
¡Buen provecho!